Money management for entrepreneurs

We commit to making your small business bookkeeping, payroll and GST simpler.


We'll target desktop failures potentially damaging your reputation.


No more labour intensive inefficient systems


Learn online at your own pace or get 1:1 online & local training & support

You'll feel great afterwards


Award winning apps with step by step instructions.


Reduce the risk of desktop system failures


Refine your sales pipeline & get paid faster


Increase automation so you can stop feeling like a full time secretary in your business.


Your new systems will make you feel proud, happier and confident


plus much more...

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this right for me?

We help entrepreneurs with money management. If you're in retail, hospitality, a consultant, in the service industry or sell products online you're in the right place.

How much do you charge?

Pricing starts from $20/mo for XERO cashbook.

Can you help lodge my tax return?

Although, we can prepare your Business BAS returns and bookkeeping, we cannot prepare your year end tax returns.

Where are you based and who do you serve?

We serve entrepreneurs Worldwide who use XERO, We're based from XERO HQ, Wellington New Zealand. We help non XERO users convert to XERO.

Cloud accounting software sounds scary?

We only recommend Award winning cloud apps with proven results gained from real clients with no tech experience or training. We're here to guide you so you're not feeling scared or overwhelmed. It's easier than you think.

I'm currently using Quickbooks/MYOB do you use those?

After 20 years in the accounting industry we've decided to specialise in XERO only. We can help you convert to XERO.

I'm just starting out, that's too advanced for me.

Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned professional money management is a life skill and essential for building personal wealth.

I haven't got time to look at that stuff. It'll take me ages to learn.

Systems create time & profit. Online training is self paced. There are no deadlines. You decide.

Results can be achieved quickly in a matter of days not months. Investing in knowledge and skills makes running a profitable business simpler.

My partner/relative is doing my books for free.

In our experience, admin team without bookkeeping experience produce errors. Errors lead to higher accounting fees. You'll be making decisions on data that isn't accurate or worse you'll be flying blind without knowing your numbers. We encourage you and your team to learn some new skills, avoid embarrassing errors so customers, peers, suppliers and team know you're reliable and on top of your numbers.

Invest in Your Best Self

If you're not sure what bookkeeping automation can do for your business, our blog is for you. Our experts explain why XERO software is a game-changer for streamlining work and maximizing your creative efforts.